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MGFS Series, On/Off Remote Function

The MGFS Series of Cosel DC-DC converters provide a wide input range with high efficiency. The MGFS Series from Cosel offer the best quality in DC-DC converters with high reliability and On/Off Remote Function.

Features and Benefits

• Industrial Standard SIP6 (MG1R5 / MG3), SIP8 (MG6 / MG10), 1″X1″ (MG15), 1″X2″ (MG30)
• Wide input range DC 9-36 V dc 18-76 (MGFS/MGFW)
• High efficiency: synchronised rectification circuit (MGS10 / MGS15 / MGFS15 / MGS30 / MGFS30)
• I/O isolation voltage DC1,500 V (1 min)
• Built-in overvoltage protection circuits (MG30)
• Output voltage adjustability by external variable resistor (MGS15/MGFS15/MGS30/MGFS30)
• 6 sided shield (MG15/MG30)
• High reliability: no built-in aluminium and tantalum electrolytic capacitor
• Built-in overcurrent protection circuits (recovers automatically)
• Built-in remote ON/OFF (MG6/MG10/MG15/MG30)
• 10 year Warranty

Cosel Isolated DC-DC Converters

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Weight 10 kg


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