Graviner Mark7 Oil Mist Detector

Complete Set Spares details Lists).
Control Unit With Membrane Keypad01 Piece.

Control Unit Without Membrane01 Piece.

Display Unit01 Piece.
Complete Detector with Short Pipe08 Pieces.

Detector Cable08 Pieces.
(with Display Mod Bus Connector & 24v Power Connector).

Stock Qty:01 Completed Set.

Condition : Marine Ship Used, Tested & Workin


Graviner Mark7 OMD is an auto addressed oil mist detection system capable of monitoring up to 10 detector heads per control unit on up to 10 control units and each detector head monitors a single crank space. The control unit, which is engine mounted, can be configured to monitor from one to ten detectors. Alarm levels and alarm output requirements are all set from the control unit or from the optional display unit.

The touch screen display shows, on demand, the signal from each detector and indicates the oil mist level for each engine. In the event of an alarm, the display immediately shows the oil mist signals for the relevant engine. Each detector on an engine can be displayed on demand and automatically under alarm conditions

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 32 × 35 in


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