DC control module


DC control module refers to core components of rotational velocity and torque of space index DC motor. That is, it can control series motor and parallel motor, and output strong driving pulse to ensure SCR is rapidly and reliably conductive to evenly distribute loads of the two sets of motor with same shaft and drive and load. Each driller function has independent current limit while current limit of rotary table can be adjusted sleeplessly. Current set features gradual increase, which can stably increase torque of motor. Speed controllers of all driller functions are is 15% of maximum current limit set with closing door threshold value of assigned contact interlocked with over-current of rotary table. Zero chain protection device is set to its assigned motor suddenly rotates at high speed and to prevent automatic inspection and control dynamic braking from inputting and exiting. Potentiometer of components can be adjusted manually to test output voltage of SCR bridge. Modules in each cabinet can be inter-replaceable.


Main functions:

Determine phase angle of SCR break-over according to size of speed set hand wheel to realize infinite speed variation

Automatically regulate size of current according to size of load to maintain rotation stability of motor

Satisfy zero lock requirement of control circuit

Provide voltage needed by control circuit.

Supervision and control of dynamic braking


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