Automatic Voltage Regulator avr MX341 for Generator



The MX341 is a 2 phase sensed Automatic Voltage Regulator and forms part of the excitation system for a brushless generator. In addition to regulating the generator voltage, the AVR circuitry includes protective features to ensure safe reliable control of the generator. This model supercedes the Series 3 range (same footprint & wiring 1 extra terminal) This AVR is used only in conjunction with permenant magnetic type alternators. Excitation power is resulting from a three-phase permanent magnet generator(PMG), to isolated the AVR power circuits from the effects of nonlinear loads and to reduce radio frequency interference on the generator terminals, constant generator short circuit current is another feature of the PMG system.

The AVR senses the voltage in the central generator winding and controls the power fed to the exciter stator and hence the main rotor to keep the generator output voltage within the specified limits, compensating for load, speed, temperature and power factor of the generator.

Soft start circuitry is included to provide a even controlled build up of generator output voltage.


*Stability adjustment                                *Optimum response selection
*Under frequency roll off adjustment            *Dip adjustment
*Droop adjustment                                    *Trim adjustment
*Over excitation adjustment

Voltage    190-264V ac max, 1 phase, 2 wire
Frequency  50-60 Hz nominal

Voltage    140-220V ac max, 3 phase, 3 wire
Current    3A/phase
Frequency  100-120 Hz nominal
Voltage    max 120V dc
Current    continuous 3.7 A
Intermittent 6A for 10 secs.
Resistance 15 ohms minimum
REGULATION         +/- 1%


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